At Sierra Oaks Dental, we want to make sure that your appointment with our dentist is as convenient and easy as we can make it. In order to help make your time with us more productive, our team uses the iTero® digital scanner in Sacramento, California, to examine your smile for any oral health issues. To see how this treatment can improve your dental experience, call (916) 481-2000 today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Peter Kim.

iTero Scanning for a Crown

iTero Scanning for Invisalign® Treatment

What Is iTero Digital Scanning?

iTero digital scanning is an advanced technology that can deliver high-quality images and scans of your teeth and other supporting structures surrounding them. This allows our dentist to examine the health of your teeth and mouth so that any problems can be detected early and treated. We are committed to providing the best dental care we can and aim to stay on the leading edge of dentistry with the most advanced technology, and this includes the iTero scanner!

Why Opt for iTero Digital Scanning?

iTero digital scanning produces three-dimensional images of your teeth, supporting structures and other parts of your mouth. The scanner can capture 20 full color photos in a second, giving us a very clear and detailed view of what is visible on the surface and what we cannot see with eyes alone below the gumline. iTero technology can make your dental care more comprehensive and accurate!

Benefits of iTero Digital Scanning

iTero digital scanning has many benefits that our dentist and team take advantage of to better care for patients. The photos taken with iTero technology can show us clear images of any diseased tissue, help us create digital models of your mouth, and assist in the creation of oral appliances and restorations that can be better customized to fit and function optimally in your mouth. We can even use iTero scanning to simulate the final results of your treatment outcome so that you can know what to expect.

Process of Receiving iTero Digital Scanning

iTero digital scanning is simple, quick and comfortable! During your scan, we use a small wand that is not at all invasive as we move it around inside your mouth. The wand will pass over your teeth and other areas of your mouth, capturing images that are processed immediately and sent to a computer. This means there will be no delay in viewing the captured images, and because the photos are saved automatically every few seconds, you will not need to have a second scan completed.

Cost of iTero Digital Scanning

The cost of scanning your mouth with iTero digital scanning will depend on how much of your mouth we are scanning and how long the scan might take to provide the information needed for your personal treatment needs. We will discuss the cost details with you and encourage you to ask any questions.

If you would like your appointment to include iTero digital scanning, please call our office today and schedule a visit! We are looking forward to providing your dental care.