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Sometimes removing a damaged or decayed tooth is healthier than treating it. At Sierra Oaks Dental in Sacramento, California, Peter Kim, DDS, and his team perform simple and surgical extractions to relieve discomfort and prevent additional damage to your oral health. Call the office to learn more about extractions or schedule an appointment online today.

What are tooth extractions?

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. The team may recommend this procedure if you have a severely damaged, decayed, or impacted tooth that doesn’t respond to fillings, crowns, or root canal therapy. Extractions are usually a last resort to preserve your oral health and function.

When are extractions necessary?

While preserving your natural teeth is always the goal in dental treatment, an extraction is often the best option when you have:

  • Severe infection that has destroyed the crown and root
  • Advanced decay that has made it impossible to restore the tooth
  • Overcrowding
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Trauma 
  • Impacted wisdom teeth 

After extracting your tooth, the team can recommend replacement teeth options to restore your smile.

What happens during extractions?

There are two extraction techniques the team can employ if you need an extraction:


A simple extraction is a straightforward procedure that takes only a few minutes. You may be eligible for a simple extraction if your tooth crown emerges through the gumline. After administering a local anesthetic, the team uses a dental elevator to gently loosen your tooth. Finally, they remove the tooth and pack the area with gauze to form a blood clot.


A surgical extraction is a more complex procedure. The team may perform this procedure if your tooth is partially or fully impacted. A combination of local anesthesia and oral conscious sedation can improve your comfort during the procedure.

During a surgical extraction, the team makes an incision in your gums and uses special dental tools to remove the tooth. If the tooth has fractured, they may take it out in pieces. The team also disinfects the tooth socket to prevent infection. Finally, they suture the incision and place gauze to promote healing.

How long does it take to recover from extractions?

The recovery time after a tooth extraction depends on the type you have. It takes about 7-10 days to recover from a simple extraction, but a surgical extraction usually requires up to 14 days of healing time.

Call Sierra Oaks Dental to learn more about tooth extractions or schedule an appointment online today.