Keeping all of your natural teeth is one of the best things you can do for your smile. However, there may be times in which our dentist may need to remove a tooth to protect the health of your smile. If you do need a tooth extraction in Sacramento, California, you can count on Dr. Peter Kim and the team at Sierra Oaks Dental to make sure that your visit is a comfortable one and that you understand your aftercare needs. If you have a tooth that has been giving you some trouble, call (916) 481-2000 today to make an appointment with a member of our team.

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from the jawbone and gums. The entire tooth is removed, including the crown and root. Tooth extraction is performed as gently as possible to not disturb any surrounding teeth or gum tissue. A tooth may be simply extracted or surgically extracted depending on how the tooth is positioned in the gums. A tooth may even need to be broken into pieces so that it can be successfully removed.

Why Opt for Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is one of the last treatments we will recommend for a damaged or infected tooth. We always try to do what we can to preserve your natural tooth, but there are times when a tooth simply cannot be salvaged and must be removed instead.

Some reasons we may need to extract a tooth include:

  • Severe infection that has destroyed much of the tooth and bone structure, including the crown and root.
  • Severe decay that has created too much damage to be successfully repaired, making it impossible to restore the tooth.
  • There are too many teeth that do not fit in the mouth.

After your tooth has been extracted, we will go over your tooth replacement options with you and help you decide the restoration that will be best for you.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Although your natural tooth is the best for your smile, it is never beneficial to keep an unsalvageable tooth in your mouth. Extracting a deeply damaged tooth can prevent the damage from that tooth to affect other teeth, and it can also relieve any discomfort caused by the damaged tooth.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Our dentist and team will work hard to keep your tooth extraction as comfortable as possible. This may include anesthetic or other sedation options that you can discuss with our dentist. We will also give you instructions about how to care for your smile after your extraction so that it can heal optimally.

Cost of Tooth Extraction

The cost of tooth extraction will depend on the type of extraction needed and the number of teeth that need extraction. If an affected tooth is fully situated above the gumline, the tooth can usually be easily extracted, and so the cost should be less. A tooth that is partially or fully obscured by the gums will require more complex methods to remove and will cost more. We will go over the cost of your tooth extraction with you during your appointment.

If you think you may need a tooth extraction, please give us a call or visit us today to learn more from our dentist and team! We look forward to providing the personalized care you need for a great smile.