It could be that you have a wedding, graduation or some other event coming up, or maybe you just want to add something extra to your smile. Whatever your reason, at Sierra Oaks Dental, our dentists, Dr. Peter Kim and Dr. William Altig, offer laser teeth whitening in Sacramento, California, as a fast way to give you the smile you want. Call (916) 481-2000 and a member of our team will help you plan your visit. We would love to help you!

What Is Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Laser teeth whitening is an in-office treatment that brightens the shade of one’s teeth. With laser teeth whitening, a patient can expect to see their teeth brighten two to four shades. The treatment typically takes an hour in the office, and each patient receives a complimentary set of custom whitening trays for at-home use.

Why Opt for Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening treatment is a great option for people who would like to see major changes in the brightness of their smile in a short period of time. If you are looking to improve your smile’s brightness for a big event or want a jump start on brightening your smile before using trays, then laser whitening is a great option. With a treatment time of roughly one hour, you can enjoy the benefits of a straight smile in a fraction of the time.

Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for quick and effective results, then laser whitening is the way to go. It has never been easier to see your teeth shine brighter. With laser teeth whitening treatment, you will be under close care of a clinician to ensure every aspect of the treatment is safe. A majority of teeth whitening treatments leave the process up to the user or patient, which can be hazardous depending on the applications and methods applied to the person’s smile.

The options for whitening your teeth are growing by the day. From UV light kits to charcoal applications, there is a new product or treatment available all the time. Many of these new methods, however, are not clinically tested or backed by any major oral health care companies.

Charcoal teeth whitening, for example, is getting a lot of buzz lately, but what the companies pushing them fail to tell you is that charcoal and other minerals are abrasive and wear down tooth enamel. This weakens the teeth. The American Dental Association® does not acknowledge charcoal because there is no scientific evidence to say that it actually whitens teeth or helps with oral health.

Types of Laser Teeth Whitening

There are many options when it comes to teeth whitening. Some treatments that are in the same realm of laser teeth whitening are Boost™ and Zoom.

Our clinicians and patients have seen strong results using our BIOLASE Epic™ laser and BIOLASE whitening gel. The gel we use in-office use has 45% hydrogen peroxide concentration strength. Other systems like Boost use the same strength of whitening gel, but do not utilize laser technology to activate the gel application. We have found the BIOLASE laser to be more effective in treatment in conjunction with the gel application.

The Process

  • Before starting laser teeth whitening treatment, you will sit down with our dentists to ensure the treatment is viable for you. Depending on restorations in the mouth, such as dental implants or veneers, laser teeth whitening may not be an option for you.
  • When the dentist has decided that you are a good candidate for laser teeth whitening, our front office will get you scheduled for a one hour appointment. During this appointment, we will start by taking records of your tooth shade and your expectations of tooth shade brightening.
  • The clinician will show you the expected tooth shade range you will receive from the treatment. At this point, the clinician will begin treatment by applying barriers along your gums followed by the gel application to your teeth. Once the gel is applied, the clinician will use the BIOLASE Epic laser to activate the gel.
  • Depending on your desired shade of tooth brightness and effectiveness of the first round of treatment, the clinician may conduct another round of gel application and activation of the laser. Once the treatment has met the patient’s expectations as discussed with the clinician, they will begin the process to create custom whitening trays for at-home use. (The custom whitening trays are complimentary and are intended for the patient to keep up with their teeth whitening after the laser treatment. Without use of custom whitening trays, a patient’s teeth could return to darker shades or be stained again.)
  • Care & Maintenance

    Laser teeth whitening treatment is intended as a one-time treatment and is not a permanent solution to whitening teeth, though patients can participate in recurring laser teeth whitening treatments if desired. To maintain the brightness achieved through laser treatment, a patient should maintain proper oral health care with brushing, flossing and routine dentist visits, as well as using the complimentary at-home whitening trays.

    The at-home trays are to be used at the patient’s discretion. Depending on the patient’s oral hygiene habits and diet, they may opt for another laser teeth whitening treatment. For people who drink a lot of beverages that stain teeth, such as coffee, tea and wine, at-home whitening trays may only be enough to halt darkening of tooth shade.

    After obtaining the at-home whitening trays, the trays and the tray container should be cleaned regularly, similar to any other at home dental appliance.

    Is It Right for You?

    Laser teeth whitening treatment is an effective solution for anyone who wants to see immediate improvements in the brightness of their smile. If you have further questions about our whitening treatments, please call us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have!