We’re on the OSHA Honor Roll!

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When it comes to patient safety, we don’t mess around! Especially these days when personal protection is at the forefront of our minds, we prioritize the health of everyone in our office through routine sanitization.

However, keeping our large dental practice clean may not be enough to ensure that we are meeting every safety standard, especially when guidelines are changing during a global health crisis. So how do we stay on the up-and-up to guarantee we are providing an exceptional safety standard? We call Tom Terry, of course, our go-to, Safety Compliance Expert!

Tom Terry is well known throughout Northern California as the best resource for ensuring safety compliance in dental offices. He comes to our office annually to assess our sanitation methods, equipment and routines and to advise on industry changes. Our team loves having up-to-date information on how to better protect our patients and present the best, safest office that we can.

We’re proud to have made Tom Terry’s Client Honor Roll year after year, an honor bestowed upon less than 1% of the dental practices in the greater Sacramento area. In fact, there are only two offices that make the cut out of the entire downtown, West Sacramento, East Sacramento and Arden area, and we are one of them. That means that between the Tower Bridge and the Arden Mall, there are only two dental offices that exhibit the highest of safety standards. These days, isn’t that one of the biggest factors in choosing a medical or dental provider?

Our dedication to safety for our team and our patients is a source of pride that we will continue to keep at the forefront of our practices. Thank you, again to Tom Terry for keeping us safe and hazard compliant and for recognizing our efforts on your honor roll!