Ultrasonic Scaling – Improving the Quality of Dental Cleanings

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Ultrasonic Scaling – Improving the Quality of Dental Cleanings

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The Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling System is changing the way dental hygienists perform scaling and root planing in revolutionary ways.  We are ecstatic to have this new technology at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.

Scaling, or the act of removing plaque, tartar, and stains from teeth during a dental cleaning, has just been revolutionized.  The Cavitron utilizes a spectrum of high frequency sound waves and water to provide a more culminating dental cleaning experience for the patient, regardless of their dental health and cleanliness.

One of the most elementary differences between a Cavitron Scaling tool and a traditional scaling tool is the use of flowing water while cleaning.  The water facilitates another cleaning method; by flushing the pockets around each tooth during the cleaning process, the hygienist is able to clear out the biofilm of bacteria and saliva around the tooth.  Removing this film is virtually impossible with a traditional scaling tool.  As an added bonus, the water can be soothing and act as a distraction for patients who find the sensation of scaling to be uncomfortable. Our hygienists have noticed improved quality of care for patients and are much more confident in providing top level care with these cutting edge technologies, “the Cavitron has exponentially improved the way we perform prophy’s (dental cleanings) and PMT’s (Periodontal Maintenance Treatments), from the flushing of the biofilm of bacteria, to disrupting bacteria cells from the ultrasonic pulsing of the scaling tool.  It’s even improved other more intensive treatments such as SRP’s (scaling and root planing) as well as improving ergonomics of each hygienist here, which in turn, improves patient care.”


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The Cavitron offers other innovations to the scaling process.  The spectrum of ultrasonic scaling allows for many applications from the dental hygienist, and really makes this tool of treatment suitable for any patient at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.  One of Erick’s patients had this review to share, “Erick fully explained the science and technology behind the tool he used during my cleaning. His confidence in the improvement of the care he was providing made it a no brainer.  He was concerned that the water could be too much at times, but I found it to be relaxing and calming. I’m going to request the use of the Cavitron in all of my future dental cleanings.”

Ultrasonic Scaling – Improving the Quality of Dental Cleanings

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