Tooth-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for All the Loved Ones on Your List!

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Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers to hang over the mantle or packaged gifts to hide under the tree for loved ones, we have some fun ideas for you! Giving the gift of a healthy smile is a big deal because your smile can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Smiling even has health benefits; people who smile more are typically happier and better adjusted to handle life’s challenges.

Whether you have children or teens in school or working adults on your list and are looking for a gift, a healthy, well-treated smile is a gift that keeps on giving!

Gifts for Kids:

-Child-Friendly toothbrushes in their favorite characters or colors, toothpaste in their favorite flavors and kid-friendly floss threaders in fun colors and flavors.
-Tooth fairy pillow or lost tooth holder.
-Picture books for younger kids are a fun way to reinforce good dental hygiene habits and even tooth fairy lore.
-A tooth brushing plushie to inspire your little ones to brush and teach them about proper brushing techniques.

Gifts for Teens:

-An electric toothbrush to improve brushing techniques and boost their time brushing.
-A water flosser/oral irrigator can help them take the time to “floss” between teeth as recommended.
-A protective mouthguard if they are active in sports.
-Over-the-counter teeth whitening products like toothpaste and whitening strips or custom teeth whitening trays from our practice.

Gifts for Adults:

-A dental travel kit with everything they need at hand!
-Electric-powered toothbrush
-Electric water flosser to take the hassle out of flossing and keep the mouth feeling fresh and clean.
-A cosmetic dentistry gift certificate for a laser teeth whitening to remove deep stains, dental veneer for a flawless tooth or Invisalign® treatment for a straighter smile!

Our Sierra Oaks Dental team is thrilled to be able to help your family’s smiles thrive all year round. Our dentists, Dr. Peter Kim, Dr. William Altig and Dr. Eric Gregg are ready to work on your dental issues and give you the healthy smile you deserve. Please call us at (916) 481-2000 to schedule a dental visit in Sacramento, CA. We wish you and your family a very happy holiday and a festive New Year!