How Do You Know if You Are a Good Candidate for Dental Veneer Placement? 

One of the premier cosmetic treatments we offer here at Sierra Oaks Dental in Sacramento, CA, are dental veneers made from thin sheets of porcelain or resin to replace one or multiple teeth for a smile you can be proud of.  Dental veneers are perfect for patients who have the following issues with their teeth: Discoloration Chips Broken areas Worn... read more »

Have You Ever Wondered What Those White Spots Are on Your Teeth?

Today's blog is going to go over some terms you might know but aren't familiar with. We want to talk about how fluorosis or demineralization affects your smile and how to treat it. The good news is, our doctors are trained to help you take care of your white spots and can advise on how to minimize their effect through professionally whitening.... read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

May the sun light Your path, and the rain fill your cup. And every day bring blessings, from the moment you wake up. ~ Irish blessing When you think of St. Patrick’s Day you think of all things green and a day of good luck. Depending on what you do to celebrate, however, your teeth might not be so lucky!... read more »