Get a Healthy Smile That’s Perfect for the New School Year

It's that time of year again when summer slowly comes to a close and school starts up again. While gathering essential school supplies like backpacks, new clothes, and shoes, don't forget to give your child a healthy smile that’s picture perfect! Healthy smiles are important for school pictures, special events, and building confidence around peers. Take advantage of what's left... read more »

Tooth-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for All the Loved Ones on Your List!

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers to hang over the mantle or packaged gifts to hide under the tree for loved ones, we have some fun ideas for you! Giving the gift of a healthy smile is a big deal because your smile can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Smiling even has health benefits; people who smile more are... read more »

National Day of Encouragement

This Saturday is ‘National Day of Encouragement’, a lesser-known holiday we all could probably use a whole lot of this year. A day dedicated to uplifting others and making a positive impact on those around us was the simple idea a group of college students from Harding University put forth as a holiday to follow September 11th, a day many... read more »