Oral Hygiene Practices to Follow During National Oral Health Month

Did you know that June is National Oral Health Month in the U.S.? The American Dental Association (ADA) uses this time to remind us that mindful oral hygiene practices are important for overall oral health. Preventative dental care is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay and other intra-oral problems from dulling your beautiful smile. We at Sierra Oaks... read more »

How Do You Know if You Are a Good Candidate for Dental Veneer Placement? 

One of the premier cosmetic treatments we offer here at Sierra Oaks Dental in Sacramento, CA, are dental veneers made from thin sheets of porcelain or resin to replace one or multiple teeth for a smile you can be proud of.  Dental veneers are perfect for patients who have the following issues with their teeth: Discoloration Chips Broken areas Worn... read more »

Have You Ever Wondered What Those White Spots Are on Your Teeth?

Today's blog is going to go over some terms you might know but aren't familiar with. We want to talk about how fluorosis or demineralization affects your smile and how to treat it. The good news is, our doctors are trained to help you take care of your white spots and can advise on how to minimize their effect through professionally whitening.... read more »

Keep Your Breath Fresh so You Can Enjoy Face-to-Face Interactions Again!

With mask restrictions lifting in some areas, people may find themselves face to face with another person for the first time in several months, but are we conversation-ready? Today we're going to prepare you to face people once again with the confidence you want and deserve. Let's make those interactions as appealing as possible! The Stigma of Halitosis Halitosis, otherwise... read more »

National Bobblehead Day

Bobbleheads have been around longer than you think. Dating as far back as the 1700’s in Asia and Continental Europe, these nodding figurines, once called “temple-nodders” are more than just agreeable toys. Today, bobbleheads have their own Hall of Fame Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have replicated celebrities, athletes, politicians, fictional characters and animals commercially since the 1900’s and are pop... read more »

Celebrating National Child Health Day in 2020

You might be surprised to know that the #1 oral health problem for children under the age of 10 is tooth-decay. In fact, by the time children are 5, almost half or more have more than one cavity and this can lead to more complications when their adult teeth come through. So this year on National Child Health Day, support... read more »

Happy Parents’ Day!

Happy Parents’ Day! The 4th Sunday in July is National Parents’ Day, established in 1994 under President Bill Clinton, this day is meant to celebrate the role of the parent in child-rearing. Though these days parents deserve a lot more than a day because they are expected to do a lot more than just parenting! Home-working, home-schooling and even home-summer-camping... read more »