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How would you like to see an image of what your haircut will look like when you first sit down at the salon or barber?  Would you like to see what you’d look like at the end of the diet before you even start it?

Unfortunately, technology hasn’t brought those two to reality yet, but you can see what your very own smile would look like at the end of Invisalign® with the iTero Scanner at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.  Look into the future with this technology as it brings your dream smile closer to reality.


Previously, dentists and orthodontists had to use a goopy material, alginate, to take impressions of patients’ teeth for Invisalign®.  The iTero machine is discontinuing this process by taking a 3D scan of patients’ smiles in the office.  When the dentist or assistant administers this scan they can track the improvements of the orthodontic treatment.  This way they can better analyze the progression of the shift in alignment with more accurate time tables. Imagine taking photos of tomato plant growing in your yard every week and being able to project what it will look like in a couple months.


The iTero is much more accurate than the antiquated process of alginate.  The camera in the iTero wand takes 6,000 images per second creating an extremely precise scan.  This added precision greatly improves the quality of orthodontic care. In addition, alginate causes a less than comfortable experience for patients and sometimes leads to gagging. Thankfully, the days of gagging on impressions for Invisalign® trays have come to an end, and now the process is nearly as simple as waving a wand over patient’s teeth.


The iTero technology also comes with some pretty cool software.  The new system allows our team to better track your progress in orthodontic treatment.  Scans and future smile imaging will be easily tracked and a lot more presentable. Giving patients a visual goal of what their properly aligned smile is truly groundbreaking.