Removable Complete Dentures

Fixed Hybrid Denture

Dentures are removable or fixed prosthesis used in place of missing teeth to provide a full smile. There are many reasons a person could be missing teeth. Severe impacts, tooth decay, infection and gum disease are just a few reasons for missing teeth. Facial muscles can start to sag and bones in the jaw can deteriorate when teeth are missing. Also, oral health and tooth alignment can be at a higher risk if even one tooth is missing. Dentures are a great solution to these risks, and they can be used to restore you to a full smile.

Dr. Peter Kim and Dr. William Altig are equipped to provide various types of dentures in Sacramento, California. Those types include partial dentures (removable and fixed), traditional dentures, overdentures, and flippers. Many offices offer immediate dentures, which can come across as “same-day dentures.” These forms of treatment are not one in the same. Immediate dentures is a term used for a planned extraction of teeth when a patient will return after the extraction to receive their denture. Same-day dentures is an appropriate term for when the office is equipped to manufacture a denture the day of the extraction and seat it for the patient. At Sierra Oaks Dental, we offer immediate dentures but not same day dentures.

Partial Dentures

When a patient is missing several teeth but still has healthy teeth as well, a partial denture is a great treatment option. The healthy teeth don’t have to be immediately next to each other nor do the missing teeth. Partial dentures offer a lot of variability, making them a favorable solution. They’re available as fixed prosthesis or removable prosthesis, depending on the patient’s needs. Fixed dentures are attached to a tooth or dental implant, whereas a removable denture can be removed at any time. Dental labs are used to create the custom dentures with acrylic materials. There’s usually no difference in appearance from your teeth and the denture when it’s created. Like all dentures, they do require regular cleaning and upkeep.

Traditional Dentures

When a patient is missing a full arch of teeth, a traditional denture can be used. Traditional dentures can be fixed using implants or they can be adhered using suction or another adhesive solution. If a denture is seated using implants, then it’s known as an overdenture.

Denture Hygiene

Similar to natural teeth, dentures require brushing daily to remove plaque and food particles. Soft-bristled toothbrushes and non-abrasive toothpaste should be used, which is also what our dentists and team suggest for natural teeth. In terms of dentures, you want to avoid scratching the acrylic because bacteria can get trapped. When not being worn, dentures should always be kept in a dentist- or doctor-prescribed solution or in water to avoid warping. It’s not out of the norm to have some soreness of the gums while adjusting to the use of dentures. Dentures lack the roots that normal teeth or implants have, which provide more stability.

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