At Sierra Oaks Dental, our dentists can improve your smile’s alignment with Invisalign® treatments, fill in the missing spaces with dental implants, give you the look you want through cosmetic dentistry and keep you comfortable throughout your visit. Dr. Peter Kim, Dr. Shah Khodai, Dr. Navid Torabian and our team are highly skilled at improving the health and look of your teeth and gums. But you are the most important part of that equation, and your commitment to your home care will make all the difference in your smile.

We may suggest that you try the CariFree oral hygiene system in Sacramento, California, to improve the health of your teeth. Unlike other product lines, CariFree removes the bacteria in your mouth with products with an elevated pH level to reduce your risk of cavities. The products can also remineralize your tooth enamel, strengthening your teeth against attacks caused by acid, plaque and tartar. Between the pH adjustments, the use of fluoride, antibacterial medications, Xylitol and nano hydroxyapatite, the rinses, gels, sprays, and even gum in the CariFree line can help you maintain a healthy and cavity-free smile for years to come.

To learn more about how the CariFree system can benefit you or to plan your visit, contact a member of our team today at (916) 846-9828.