Your smile is like any other part of your body or even your car. For it to look, feel and function its best, it needs regular care, and any issues need to be identified and addressed as soon as possible. Our dentist can meet your smile needs through general and family dentistry in Sacramento, California. You can learn more about our treatments by following the links below, and we also invite you to call Sierra Oaks Dental at (916) 481-2000 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Peter Kim.

What Is General and Family Dentistry?

General and family dentistry includes all of the routine dental treatments you might already be familiar with, the treatments that are meant to keep your oral health in good shape. They can be as simple as a dental checkup for your child or as complex as a deep cleaning for periodontal problems.

Why Opt for General and Family Dentistry?

Good oral health requires good oral hygiene and maintenance. While you can do so much for your smile just at home, there are some issues only a dental professional can detect and address. Our experienced dentist and team are dedicated to providing a range of general and family dentistry treatments so you and your family can have healthy, beautiful smiles throughout your lives.

Benefits of General and Family Dentistry

Regular general care from our dentist can help ensure that your smile lasts you a lifetime. Brushing and flossing at home is necessary, but in-office cleanings are also important for eliminating the plaque and bacteria you are unable to reach. We can also take X-rays and provide examinations to get a comprehensive look at your mouth and oral health. Preventive measures can halt problems before they can worsen or even begin so that you can avoid more invasive and costly treatment.

Process of Receiving General and Family Dentistry

We strongly suggest that you and your family receive general dental care regularly, and we recommend that you set up a visit to see us at least once every six months. During your routine checkup with our team, we will clean your teeth and examine your mouth for any problem areas. Depending on what we find during your examination or other factors, we may suggest that you see us more frequently than twice a year.

If you experience any dental pain or damage, especially if it is a dental emergency, we are available to provide emergency dental care. Please give us a call so we can help you.

Cost of General and Family Dentistry

General and family dentistry is not just one treatment, so the cost of general care will depend on the treatment being given and the issues being addressed. Routine care will generally cost less than more complex care. We will take into consideration the age, needs and goals of the patient, and the type of treatment that is needed when determining the cost of general and family dental care.

Routine dental care is key to a great, long-lasting smile! Please give us a call to schedule a visit with our dentist and team. We are excited to work with you!