In addition to our other teeth whitening treatments, our dentists and team also provide custom whitening trays in Sacramento, California. These trays allow you to brighten your smile on your own time and in the privacy of your home or office. To learn more and make your appointment with Dr. Peter Kim or Dr. William Altig, call Sierra Oaks Dental at (916) 481-2000 today.

What Are Custom Whitening Trays?

Custom Whitening Trays are used to whiten teeth from the comfort of your own home. Trays come in pairs for a person’s upper and lower arches. The trays are made by a clinician taking a mold of your teeth in the office. The clinician will then take the molds and utilize a tray-making machine in our office.

Why Use Custom Whitening Trays?

Custom whitening trays have a major advantage over quick whitening strips you can purchase from a convenience store: they fit perfectly to your teeth, so the whitening gel is applied evenly to every surface of your smile during use; over-the-counter strips do not reach every nook and cranny of your teeth. Whether you are trying to brighten your smile for school, work, social life or for your own self-esteem, whitening trays are an option for anyone with natural teeth. Trays are effective with people who drink lots of coffee or red wine and people who eat acidic foods known to stain teeth. They can also be used to fight discolorations from medications, tobacco or improper oral hygiene. Whitening Trays are ideal for people who want to stay on top of their teeth stains but not change their eating and drinking habits. With custom whitening trays, you can continue to enjoy your simple pleasures and have the peace of mind that your tooth coloration is under your control.

Benefits of Whitening Trays

Whitening trays are great for many reasons. If a major life event is coming up, such as a wedding, graduation, work interview or social gathering, then you can use the trays to brighten your smile right before. Trays can last a lifetime as long as your teeth do not shift dramatically or major restorations happen. This means that one decision can help you obtain control of your smile’s aesthetics for years to come.

Process of Whitening with Trays

The first step of using teeth whitening trays is obtaining them. This starts with a consultation with our dentists to see if teeth whitening trays would benefit your smile. Then, you will have impressions taken to create the trays. We will then make the trays and you will pick them up later, along with whitening gel.

Once you have your trays and gel, you are ready to start whitening your smile. You will take the gel syringe and squeeze drops of gel along the inside of the tray. The gel should be applied to the tray so the surface that meets the outside of your teeth, which people see immediately, has the majority of the gel.

Then, depending on the gel strength and the dentist’s directions, you will wear the trays for a certain period of time. Teeth whitening gels come in a variety of strengths. At Sierra Oaks Dental, we carry strengths of 10%, 15%, 20% and 30% concentration. The strength of the concentration, your particular comfort and experience level and the dentist’s prescribed use dictates the amount of time you wear the trays for. Most people wear their trays anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. You should start to see improvements in the brightness of your smile after only a week or two of use. Results vary depending on starting shades; a clinician will be able to provide a more accurate expectation.

Care & Maintenance

Teeth whitening trays, as well as their containers, require routine cleaning. It is best to have them cleaned every six to 12 months. We are happy to clean your trays and containers for free with our ultrasonic cleaning machine. You can also clean them at home with safe cleaners but be sure to rinse them after cleaning and before use. If you are considering cleaning solutions at home, please consult a clinician at our office.

Are Teeth Whitening Trays Right for You?

If you would like to whiten your teeth, then teeth whitening trays are the most cost-effective option. They allow you to whiten when you want and are a forever solution. Many other whitening options are single treatments; with these alternatives, there is nothing keeping your teeth from getting stained again.

Even if you are only planning on a one-time treatment, whitening trays can still be used to support that option. Read about micro-abrasion and laser whitening treatments at Sierra Oaks Dental to see how a one-time treatment in conjunction with a set of whitening trays can give you your dream smile. Our one-time treatments come with complimentary whitening trays to keep your smile bright for years.

Cost Associated with Whitening Trays

Whitening treatments are a form of cosmetic dentistry and are rarely covered by dental insurance benefits, but custom whitening trays are an affordable solution to brightening your smile. They often cost less than the amount you might spend on car washes! In addition, you can use whitening trays as long as your teeth alignment does not change dramatically.

If you are choosing to invest in custom teeth whitening trays, then it is best to protect your investment with proper oral hygiene habits and routine visits to the dentist. To make your appointment with our dentists and learn more about take-home teeth whitening, call our office today!