Invisalign® treatment is an unobtrusive solution for straightening teeth and providing beautiful smiles. Dr. Peter Kim, Dr. Navid Torabian and Dr. Shahryar Khodai are certified Invisalign providers. Together, they have completed over a hundred cases. Our entire clinical team is trained to use iTero® smile scanning technology to provide Invisalign smile simulations. Call us at (916) 846-9828 today to schedule an Invisalign consult where you’ll receive a simulation of YOUR smile corrected by Invisalign trays.

Why Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign trays are an effective and efficient way of correcting smiles. Dealing with the wires and bands of braces can be irritating and painstaking. With Invisalign clear aligners in Sacramento, California, there’s no obstruction to your current smile, and virtually no one will notice. Invisalign treatment is the option that caters to YOUR lifestyle.


Correction Incognito – Invisalign trays are practically invisible when they’re worn! You’ll most likely be the only one who notices them because you’re already aware.
Unnoticeable to the User – Invisalign trays are engineered with a special plastic that’s made to be as smooth as possible. This is an exceptionally comfortable alternative to metal brackets and wires.
Freedom – Because you’re wearing aligner trays, you can remove them for a dinner date, brushing and flossing (of course), and any other occasion. (Of course, you should wear your trays as much as possible to receive the fastest and most efficient results.) There are no glue-on brackets and wires that are difficult to brush and floss around. Continue the life you live while adding a perfect smile!
Results – Before you finish the entirety of your realignment, you’ll notice the difference in your smile and the strides made. Most Invisalign treatment is completed within a year, however cases can be different based on the individual.

How do I start?

The first step towards correcting the alignment of your teeth is coming in for a consultation with our dentists. They will take an impression of your teeth to create your first set of trays. The doctor will assess the mold and diagnose which teeth need to be adjusted and in which way. This is like laying out the blueprints for your new smile.

The Process

Every patient’s needs are different.  During your initial consultation with the Doctor, photographs and a scan of your mouth will be taken.  Our office uses iTero Element scanners to take 3-D imaging of your mouth.  With this 3-D imaging we are able to create a simulation of what your smile will look like at the end of treatment. Invisalign cases at Sierra Oaks Dental are categorized under two different plans. These categorizations are comprehensive cases and express cases. Comprehensive cases can take anywhere from 12 months to 24 months or more, and express case typically take six months but can take as long as 12 months. The length of the process is determined by the patient’s needs. It’s also dependent on the patient’s consistency and dedication with wearing the correcting trays.

A simple comparison would be considering the trays as working out and getting regular exercise. When you stop exercising, your body reverts to its previous state in some cases, some amount of progress is lost, or at the very least no muscle is gained and no fat is burned. The Invisalign ortho-correction process is very similar. It’s also similar to a diet plan in many regards. When it comes to a diet plan, every person has different amounts of weight they’d like to lose.

Throughout Invisalign treatment, you receive new corrective trays or aligner trays. Each set of trays makes micro shifts in the alignment and positioning of your teeth, just the same as bracket braces. New Invisalign trays are given to the patient about every two to three weeks in the office. Express cases can take anywhere from five to 14 sets of trays, and comprehensive cases typically take 14 sets of trays or more.

Before & After

Invisalign vs. Alternatives

There are many options for people seeking orthodontic treatment nowadays. From bracket braces to DIY (do it yourself) at home invisible trays, there’s a lot to consider.

Bracket braces are the oldest form of orthodontic correction, and they’re commonly utilized for children. Having metal brackets adhered to each tooth, along with wires and rubber bands, can be really obstructive to a person’s smile. Obviously, Invisalign treatment is superior in terms of aesthetics because the invisible trays are, well, invisible. Also, bracket braces cannot be removed for photographs, life events, interviews, etc. This poses a silver lining for some parents who have children that would be reluctant to be consistent in wearing their Invisalign trays. Bracket braces can also pose risks of injuring or causing discomfort in the mouth. The metal used in bracket braces can scratch at the soft tissue of a patient’s lips and cheeks. This is especially true for children or adults who play any form of contact sports where there is a chance of an impact to the mouth area.

DIY at-home invisible trays are the latest in orthodontic correction to hit the market. There are many companies jumping on this fad. DIY trays typically cost less than any orthodontic treatment that you’d receive in a clinical office. This is a classic case of you get what you pay for. These DIY programs rely on the patient to take their own impression of their teeth to start the process. Impressions of arches (upper and lower sets of teeth in a patient’s mouth) is a skill that takes months and even years to master as a dental assistant. In addition, any changes to your trays or checkups on your orthodontic treatment require you to video conference a dental professional. In many ways, this practice is highly ineffective. It’s next to impossible to provide adequate clinical treatment on someone’s mouth without viewing them in person. Because these companies offer this format, there is no “plan B” or backup plan for any issues with the treatment process.

In addition, patients at Sierra Oaks Dental of Sacramento will also receive professional whitening gel to be used with the aligners.  It’s an unintentional benefit that Invisalign trays are also able to be used as whitening trays.  So, not only can we correct the alignment of your teeth, but we can also whiten your teeth in the process!