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Sleep Dentistry

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Having anxiety about going to the dentist is one of the top reasons Americans avoid dental care every year.  Astonishingly, few people are aware of the option of sedation dentistry, and how it’s changing the way people handle their fear of going to the dentist.


What’s Sedation or Sleep Dentistry?

Often times Sedation Dentistry is referred to as Sleep Dentistry because of the feeling of drowsiness and limited awareness.  Sedation dentistry is the term for treating patients with medication prior to, and throughout, dental care and treatment.  Our doctors possess special medical licenses to provide this form of treatment.  The sedatives allow patients to tune out their sense while receiving dental care, so the common triggers of sensations, sounds, and smells go unnoticed.

Sierra Oaks Dental’s Sedation Options

At Sierra Oaks Dental we offer oral conscious sedation to all patients who qualify as well as Nitrous-oxide gas.  Because it’s oral-conscious sedation, patients are not completely asleep from the treatment.  The reason for this is so the dentist can have a patient position their head and jaw in the needed manner for treatment.  Our doctors prescribe different sedation medications depending on the patient’s specific needs. No matter what level of anxiety and nervousness you experience from dental care, we’ll have you covered with treatment customized to your needs.


Who Can Receive Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is not exclusive to any age, gender, or race.  Past traumatizing dental experiences is the number one cause for dental care related anxiety. This form of anxiety affects tens of millions of Americans every year.  Unfortunately, a majority of this population goes years without visiting a dentist for treatment and routine maintenance. This situation does not discriminate, and we urge anyone who feels that sedation care may be beneficial to them to reach out to us.  Here at Sierra Oaks Dental, we’ll provide any qualifying patients with sedation care, excluding young children. If you have a young child, approximately nine years old and younger, and would like to pursue sedation options then we’ll be happy to refer you to a properly equipped hospital or facility.

Give Us A Call To Speak With A Doctor

You don’t need to fear the dentist anymore.  Sedation care will have you relaxing through the whole visit, and relieved to have proper oral hygiene.  If you have any questions, just give us a call at (916) 846-9829.  For more information check out, an online resource that we partner with to aid people with dental-related anxieties.


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Sleep Dentistry
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