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5 Smile Imperfections Easily Fixed with Dental Veneers

Apr 01, 2023
Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dental option that can easily address several different smile imperfections. Do aspects of your smile trouble you? Learn five top ways dental veneers can transform your smile without extensive dental work.

Did you ever consider that your smile means more than an initial impression on others? Research demonstrates that smiling boosts your overall health in many ways, including reducing stress, improving your mood, and helping keep blood pressure in check. But what happens when you have issues with your smile that make you hide it? 

Peter Kim, DDS,  and his talented team at Sierra Oaks Dental in Sacramento, California, offer several cosmetic dentistry options to address the imperfections that prevent you from sharing your smile with the world. Among the most popular are dental veneers

These durable porcelain shells bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth can address the imperfections in your smile without extensive dental work and repeated trips to our office. They can be used to hide crooked, broken, chipped, worn, or fractured teeth, close large gaps between teeth, and even make stained or discolored teeth appear bright and white again. 

Let’s take a closer look at five smile imperfections that are easily fixed with dental veneers.

1. Teeth that are shorter than normal

Worn enamel or naturally shorter teeth, also known as microdontia, can make your teeth appear too small and irregular. For some adults, they appear as if they still have baby teeth. Dental veneers cover these smaller teeth with longer, durable porcelain shells that appear proportional to an adult mouth and face. 

2. Teeth that are oddly shaped

Oddly shaped teeth are not uncommon, and when these teeth are present in the front, visible portion of the mouth, they are highly noticeable. Dr. Kim customizes the size and shape of your dental veneers to make all your teeth appear symmetrical for greater balance in your facial features. 

3. Teeth that are gapped

Minor gaps between teeth can be disconcerting in appearance; they can also become food traps that make routine home oral care difficult. Dental veneers can be designed to close these irregular gaps, up to a certain size. Your teeth will appear uniform and symmetrical, and your smile will not detract from your appearance. 

4. Teeth with chips and cracks

Chipped and cracked teeth can be embarrassing, as well as present oral care concerns. Dental veneers not only hide these imperfections, they also add a protective layer of tough porcelain to fortify these damaged teeth. The added protection can help prevent further tooth problems. 

5. Teeth with stains or discolorations

Your natural teeth can become stained from many foods, beverages, and other substances. Aging and some medications can even make teeth become discolored, dingy, and dull. Many of these stains or discolorations do not respond to teeth whitening treatments. Dental veneers cover these stained teeth with completely customized shells that are also color matched to appear natural and bright. 

Fix smile imperfections with custom dental veneers in Sacramento

Dr. Kim can restore multiple teeth problems with dental veneers, including size, shape, shade, and more. Veneers are an ideal solution when you don’t want to endure long, extensive oral procedures to correct many issues with your teeth. When you and he decide that dental veneers are the best choice for your needs, you can have them in as little as two dental visits. 

Contact Sierra Oaks Dental in Sacramento today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim to discuss dental veneers and our other cosmetic dentistry options.