Orthodontics Are More Than An Aesthetic

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orthodontics, more than an aesthetic treatment


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Orthodontics straighten your teeth and provide a more attractive smile.  The superficial benefits are not exclusive though. Properly aligned teeth offer major benefits to your oral health and well being.


Being able to properly pronounce words relies largely on your teeth.  You might notice that people with missing teeth talk with a lisp. Children also experience this while losing baby teeth.  Communication and confidence in our own communication is crucial to our well being. If we feel that we’re not being understood or if we lack confidence in our enunciation then it’s likely to affect our self-confidence.

Our lips and tongues have to operate between our arches of teeth in our mouths to make the right sounds.  Properly aligned teeth make this easy work for our lips and tongues. When teeth are crooked slurring and lisps are highly likely to occur.  The sounds that are often affected the most are the “t”, “s”, and “ch” sounds, which require a tongue on tooth contact.

Chewing With a Purpose

Our teeth are taken for granted in terms of our digestive system.  The act of chewing food is crucial to the digestive system. Chewing chops the food into small pieces (easier to digest), and mixes the food with saliva to initiate the chemical breakdown of the food for digestion.

Eating food with crooked teeth, or teeth that are aligned properly for the job results in bigger pieces of food for our stomach.  Not only will chewing and eating slower make you feel full sooner, but it will also ensure your food is in small enough pieces before traveling to your stomach.

When we wolf down our food without much chewing — or when we chew with misaligned teeth that don’t do the job effectively — our stomachs are forced to work harder than they should. If you already have straight teeth, put them to good use by chewing each mouthful for longer. If you don’t, your digestive system will thank you for getting orthodontic treatment.

Breathe Easy

Crooked teeth can affect the ability to close your jaws when you aren’t moving them.  This leads to habitual mouth breathing in a majority of the cases. Mouth breathing comes with a long list of negative effects including dry mouth, bad breath, snoring, chronic fatigue, and brain fog.  Children are at more of a risk with the higher possibility of changing the development of their facial bone structure than adults.

Not only do straight teeth make it easier to speak, eat, and breathe properly, they’re also easier to clean! Maybe you’ve been avoiding orthodontic treatment because you’re happy with the way your smile looks, but the many benefits of straight teeth are worth considering.

Straight teeth lead to better oral health and better overall health!