Options in Orthodontia: Invisalign vs. Bracket Braces

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Options in Orthodontia: Invisalign vs. Bracket Braces

Options in Orthodontia: Invisalign vs. Bracket Braces

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All things considered your smile is more important than your name.  People forget acquaintances’ names frequently, but everyone remembers a confident smile.  This is where orthodontia comes in. Orthodontics can give you the confidence of straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but there’s more.  They also provide a correct bite so as to minimize worn dentition and promote optimal oral health. When considering smile correction, or orthodontia, the big decision is whether to pursue bracket braces or Invisalign.


Bracket braces are the oldest form of orthodontia dating back to 1000 BCE.  There’s archaeological evidence that orthodontia remedies have been attempted for thousands of years dating back to Egyptians, and Romans thereafter (https://www.davidevansdds.com/history-of-braces/).  The brackets that we know today originated in the early 1970’s when orthodontists first started bonding glue to adhere the brackets to individual teeth for correction. This was also the first attempt at making invisible braces or orthodontic correction.  Specialists attempted to apply wires and brackets to the inside of people’s’ teeth to hide the hardware. Having orthodontic hardware visibly on your teeth has long been a concern of those seeking smile correction. It’s because of this and several other points of interest that Invisalign has become such a popular treatment.


Appropriately named Invisalign gets its name because it’s a clear, invisible solution to misaligned teeth.  In the age of documenting nearly all life experiences with a phone camera, it’s never made more sense to go with Invisalign.  If brackets weren’t intrusive enough you have to consider the amount of food that gets stuck in your teeth because of the additional hardware.  Invisalign shows its superiority again in this match up. Whenever you’re going to eat a snack, or sit down with friends and family at your favorite restaurant you just have to remove the clear tray.  After eating you can swish with some water or give your teeth a quick brush and pop the clear tray back in.

Mobility and not-so-permanent adhesion boasts another benefit.  Flossing and proper brushing can be difficult with brackets and wires on your upper and lower teeth.  With Invisalign you don’t have to risk proper oral health to achieve a straight set of teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are key to proper gum health because the gum tissue provides stability to your teeth.  Without stability from the gums your teeth have a much higher propensity to shifting over time.


If you do decide to pursue brackets for your orthodontic corrections, it is crucial that you keep up with your brushing and flossing.  Brackets can increase the amount of plaque buildup when regular proper oral hygiene is neglected. This plaque creates tartar, which decalcifies the tooth, also known as a cavity.  These cavities around the brackets appear as white spots, also known as White Spot Lesions. Once these white spots are present on the tooth there is very little a dental professional can do to remove them.

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