Never Fear Going to the Dentist Again! We Offer Sedation Dentistry to Make Your Time With Us as Comfortable as Possible!

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Do you or a family member experience anxiety when it comes to seeing the dentist? Many patients do, but now you can look forward to your dental visits with the help of sedation dentistry. Our dentists and dental team at Sierra Oaks Dental are happy to offer Nitrous Oxide and Oral Conscious Sedation to help our patients feel relaxed, comfortable and calm during their time in the dental chair.

Sedation Options

-Nitrous oxide (N2O), or “laughing gas”, is simply inhaled by breathing through your nose during your treatment. You will be awake and can respond to any instructions given by our dentists and team, and can drive yourself home after you are done.

-Oral sedation involves taking medication orally. You may feel drowsy or fall asleep and will need someone to drive you home after your treatment.

If you need dental treatment and fear going to the dentist, we encourage you to try our sedation options in Sacramento, California, to help you feel calm and relaxed so you can receive the care you need. Call (916) 481-2000 to schedule your appointment!