National Day of Encouragement

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This Saturday is ‘National Day of Encouragement’, a lesser-known holiday we all could probably use a whole lot of this year. A day dedicated to uplifting others and making a positive impact on those around us was the simple idea a group of college students from Harding University put forth as a holiday to follow September 11th, a day many remember with uncertainty and sadness.

So, here’s a day to celebrate those who lift us up, our cheerleaders who never let us forget that we can live up to our best potential. Around here, the biggest cheerleaders for us and our patients are the dental hygienists. Not only do our hygienists keep our teeth and gums healthy at regular cleanings, they encourage us to reach our oral health goals. They encourage us to improve our diets, to routinely brush and floss at home and even encourage us to follow up with the doctor when we have concerns. Hygienists encourage us to smile more, wear our mouth-guards at night and want us to have the healthiest smile possible.

Where else in life do you get the kind of support you get from your hygienist? Someone committed to your preventative, oral care who regularly cleans the places you just can’t reach on your own… that’s really encouraging! You might not have a chance to thank your dental hygienists on this National Day of Encouragement, but maybe you can pay it forward and do something to encourage someone else in your life. These days a word of encouragement can go a long way, and hope is always free to give!