National Bobblehead Day

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Bobbleheads have been around longer than you think. Dating as far back as the 1700’s in Asia and Continental Europe, these nodding figurines, once called “temple-nodders” are more than just agreeable toys.

Today, bobbleheads have their own Hall of Fame Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have replicated celebrities, athletes, politicians, fictional characters and animals commercially since the 1900’s and are pop culture icons in their own right.

Antique sets of bobbleheads, made from porcelain or ceramic (and kept in pristine condition) are worth lots of money, like the Beatles collection, which is still the rarest and most valuable bobblehead set of all time.

Dashboard dolls like the hula-girl or the German, bobble-headed dachshund became very popular in the mid 1900’s and have appeared in TV and film for decades and expanded the wobbling, collectible demand. In 2015 the Pope Francis bobblehead became so popular that there was a worldwide shortage shortly after its release!

But why? Seriously, what fascinates us about caricature, collectible, over-sized, nodding heads and the tiny bodies that support them? How have they stood the test of time? Maybe it’s the fact that they are always gratifying us by agreeing with whatever we say and do. Who doesn’t love to feel empowered by a plastic, inferior “Yes-Man” when the world has you down? Or perhaps it’s their impenetrable smile that reminds us to wear a smile of our own when things get bumpy. Whatever the reason, today on National Bobblehead Day find a reason to smile and nod.

When you come to Sierra Oaks Dental, however, we want to make sure you are part of your own diagnosis and your priorities are addressed. We will do a comprehensive exam and share with you all of our findings. Only then do you get to decide what the next, best step is for you. We will never push you into treatments that don’t fit your current lifestyle and financial needs. We will, however, educate and advise while encouraging you to ask questions and have real authority over your own oral health.

So don’t just give us the ole’ bobblehead routine, let us know at your next appointment if you don’t understand why a treatment has been suggested or have a concern you need to be addressed. By working as a team, you and your doctor can find a way to achieve your healthiest smile when it’s best for you.