May 1st: Loyalty Day

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May 1st is National Loyalty Day, which may be a fictitious-sounding holiday you’ve probably never paid attention to, but for us, it’s a day of reflection and appreciation. We are beyond grateful to have such a large family of loyal patients.

At Sierra Oaks Dental, we try to deliver a unique dental experience, and it means the world to us to have a group of people who value our vision of dental care. For us to be trusted by so many people from all walks of life really makes us feel a warm and fuzzy sense of gratification. As it has always been, we rely on your feedback to gauge our growth and development, and your compliments, comments, and criticisms are encouraged.

Unfortunately, we’re currently limited in our abilities to plan an open house for our new office. Rest assured that as soon as we’re able to congregate again in social environments that we’ll be hosting a big bash to welcome all of our patients to our new home. In the meantime, we’d like to reflect on our patient appreciation picnic from the summer of 2018 and the good times we had celebrating our loyal patients!

Enjoy our little photo album, and we can’t wait to see you all soon!