Don’t Let Tooth Sensitivity Take a Bite out of Your Summer

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Ah, Summer is here.

Time for backyard burgers, potato salads, red-white-and-blue cocktails and of course … ice cream! There’s nothing better than a cool treat to beat the heat on triple-digit days like we have here in Sacramento. But, for some of us (about 1 in 8 adults), worn tooth enamel or exposed nerves in your teeth can make eating or drinking things with extreme temperatures pretty painful.

If you often feel a sudden, sharp flash of pain when eating your favorite foods, it can be an indication that you have sensitive teeth. The causes of tooth sensitivity range from over-brushing to gum disease, however, there are options to help you treat this ice-cream-thwarting condition.

Your treatment will depend on the underlying issues causing the discomfort and pain specific to your mouth. Frequently, a desensitizing toothpaste made of compounds that actually block the sensation of temperature on the tooth surface from traveling to the nerve is recommended, and successful in treating tooth sensitivity. Finding a desensitizing product that is approved by the American Dental Association is always a good idea and helps you make sure what you are getting is not only safe but effective.

If the underlying issues to your tooth sensitivity are more serious than a toothpaste can keep at bay, it’s probably time to visit your dentist. There, you will be able to address what’s causing your tooth sensitivity, develop a treatment plan, and work with your dentist to improve your overall dental health. Don’t let tooth sensitivity separate you from your favorite summer foods, talk to your dentist so you can get back to the cones, floats and shakes that make summer so sweet!