Join Us at Our One-Day Invisalign® Promotion Event This December!

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Did you know that the Invisalign clear aligners can help people with sleep apnea and TMJ, not just straighten teeth? Your Invisalign aligners can fix narrow arch/arches and correct your overbite to make a good amount of expansion for moderate and severe sleep apnea patients. The aligners can also provide TMJ pain relief!

By improving the dental arch or fixing your alignment issues using Invisalign you can reduce TMJ symptoms. The aligners keep your teeth from grinding at night which can inflame the temporomandibular jaw joints. Invisalign also realigns your upper and lower jaws so you can open and close your mouth normally, relieving your TMD symptoms.

December Invisalign® Promotion
Dr. Peter Kim and Dr. William Altig are both certified Invisalign providers and invite you to join us for our upcoming in-house event! We are doing a one-day Invisalign® Promotion on December 11th. You will receive $500 off of your Invisalign treatment, free whitening and free trays! That’s in addition to $0 down and 0% financing for 24 months for those who qualify.

But space is limited so only 35 patients can be seen that day and we already have people signing up for it! Don’t miss out, mark this date on your calendar and sign up by calling our Sierra Oaks Dental team in Sacramento, CA at (916) 481-2000 today!