Help Us Celebrate National Milk Day by Enjoying the Benefits of Milk on Your Child’s Smile!

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Monday, January 11th, we are celebrating National Milk Day! Our dentists, Dr. Peter Kim, Dr. William Altig and Dr. Eric Gregg, along with the rest of our Sierra Oaks Dental team wholeheartedly promote the importance of milk in our daily diet. It is vital for its protective qualities of the teeth and jawbone, along with your general health by preventing osteoporosis and other calcium deficient problems.

Got Milk?

Milk is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, and your teeth will thank you for its enamel strengthening properties. In fact, a diet that is calcium-rich is even more important for young children who are growing and for pregnant mothers trying to support strong bone development in their baby. This is important because a baby’s teeth start forming long before they are born. Calcium, along with casein proteins form a protective film on tooth enamel, fighting off tooth decay caused by common bacterial acids in the mouth. Milk ultimately promotes proper oral development and health in both babies and kids.

Call Today!

We encourage you to provide your developing child with a healthy, balanced diet to support proper tooth and bone growth. We also invite you to call our dental team in Sacramento, California at (916) 481-2000 with any questions or concerns about your child’s oral health. Meanwhile, join us in toasting National Milk Day by raising a nice cold glass of milk!