Healthy Smile: Top 3 Drinks

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the top three drinks to promote healthy smiles

Healthy Smile |  Top 3 Drinks

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They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  But have you ever heard, “a soda (or coffee or fruit juice) a day leads to tooth decay”?  Most likely you haven’t because a majority of us enjoy a cup of coffee and choose the bliss of ignorance.  (While coffee alone isn’t terrible for teeth, the additions of sugar and syrups are very detrimental to tooth and gum health.)

2. Milk

Milk is great for your bones, right?  Well, your teeth also rely on the calcium in milk.  While teeth don’t grow back, they can experience enamel remineralization.  This is a fortification and limited rebuilding of tooth enamel. If dairy is a “no-go” based on your dietary needs and allergies then grab a glass of calcium-fortified soy milk.

Keep in mind that milk, like cream, has natural sugars.  Babies and Toddlers who are left with a bottle of milk over a long period of time can get “bottle rot”.  This occurs because the sugar from the milk feeds the oral bacteria, which leads to tooth decay.

2. Green And Herbal Tea

Everyone knows black tea can stain your teeth, but you probably didn’t guess that its relative green tea and herbal tea help fight oral bacteria.  Tea contains compounds called polyphenols that battle the bad bacteria in the mouth. Similar to coffee, if you add sugar and honey then the health benefits are diminished.  If the plain taste of tea is just too bitter or bland then reach for the sugar-free sweeteners.

1. Water

Tried, tested, and proven. There isn’t any substitute for the essential component of life on earth.  Not only is it essential to overall health and body function, but it’s especially crucial for the mouth.  When our bodies lack water we can’t produce enough saliva to fight bacteria in the mouth and balance acids.  In addition, the action of drinking water flushes out remnants of food and sugary or acidic drinks, helping to keep our teeth clean until the next time we can brush.  Seltzer water or soda water is a great alternative to soda, but the acidity of the carbonation can decalcify your teeth. If the seltzer is flavored with citrus additives then the acidity may be higher.  It’s best to limit your seltzer consumption to a drink or less per day.

Healthy Smile |  Top 3 Drinks
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