Happy Parents’ Day!

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Happy Parents’ Day! The 4th Sunday in July is National Parents’ Day, established in 1994 under President Bill Clinton, this day is meant to celebrate the role of the parent in child-rearing. Though these days parents deserve a lot more than a day because they are expected to do a lot more than just parenting! Home-working, home-schooling and even home-summer-camping have been added to the list as we pass the middle mark of 2020.

So why add separate trips to the dentist, to serve every member of your family to the list?

There are a lot of reasons to share a dental provider with your family. The obvious, of course, is that you can schedule all of your families’ appointments on the same day and save time. And with one provider you are able to streamline the insurance process instead of dealing with several different practices. However, the most important is your child’s peace of mind when they see you’re excited to go to the dentist, they will be more at ease when it is their time to be examined. In fact, if you go to the dentist as a family you can make an even bigger impact on your child’s dental health!

Brushing your teeth with your child is a great way to reinforce good habits and so is attending their dental appointments shows that you’re invested in their check-ups. Encourage them that their visit is going to be a positive experience and be a good role model by scheduling yours as well. Remember, starting early is the key to a lifetime of dental health.

With so much added to your schedule, we understand that your time is more valuable than ever before and we want to help you and your children get the dental care they need without weighing down your appointment book. So, we have extended our office hours to 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday and will be open on the second Saturday of each month to accommodate your schedules. Next time you schedule with our office, ask if you and all of your family members can be scheduled together!

Photo Credit:  Biova Nakou, Pexels