Happy National Walking Day!

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Most Americans didn’t get the recommended exercise or movement they should have in 2020, and that’s not a good thing! If you struggle to get to be more active, we have some tips for you. You don’t have to hit the ground running marathons either, just start small by just getting outside and walking around your neighborhood.

Office Anecdote:
Because we like to walk the talk (literally), members of our Sierra Oaks Dental staff team have been walking up and down the 4 flights of stairs in our building during lunch breaks in an effort to get back in shape and improve our health! We also have plans to build a gym in our office for our staff to use.

Benefits of Movement, Exercise and Walking

-You can get outside for fresh air and take advantage of the nicer weather.
-Boost your health just by walking 30-60 minutes a day and improve existing type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
-You can walk anywhere, at a park, on a treadmill, up and down your stairs, inside your home or a mall.
-Improve your circulation to make your heart stronger while lowering your blood pressure.
-You don’t need weights, sportswear or special skills to walk.
-Maintain your bone mass to avoid osteoporosis.
-Boost your mood with pain-killing endorphins.
-Lose weight over time.
-Make your muscles stronger.
-Improve your sleep.
-Improve your breathing by making oxygen travel faster through your bloodstream to boost your energy.
-Slow down any age-related mental decline.
-Lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Walking is literally hard-wired into our bodies and it’s probably the movement we’re best at. We’ve been walking since our nomadic roots whereas compared to other mammals, we aren’t built to run or swim as well as them. Gazelles and dolphins are way better at those activities!

Fun Fact: Did you know that walking was a spectator sport in America and Europe, called pedestrianism? Like race walking in the Olympics, people would bet on walkers making it during a marathon. Who knew walking could be so exciting?

This April, why not start a daily walking routine to get your blood pumping throughout your body. You can even do a race walk with family members or friends (even your four-legged ones), and if you’re really motivated, you can join a walking club to make some new friends while building those leg muscles.

At Sierra Oaks Dental, we take our oral and physical health seriously. Led by our experienced and dedicated dentists, Peter Kim, William Altig, and Eric Gregg, we work hard every day to support our dental patients in Sacramento, California. If you have any oral health questions or concerns, give us a call at (916) 481-2000 today. A healthy smile is a healthier body!