Get a Healthy Smile That’s Perfect for the New School Year

It's that time of year again when summer slowly comes to a close and school starts up again. While gathering essential school supplies like backpacks, new clothes, and shoes, don't forget to give your child a healthy smile that’s picture perfect! Healthy smiles are important for school pictures, special events, and building confidence around peers. Take advantage of what's left... read more »

Oral Hygiene Practices to Follow During National Oral Health Month

Did you know that June is National Oral Health Month in the U.S.? The American Dental Association (ADA) uses this time to remind us that mindful oral hygiene practices are important for overall oral health. Preventative dental care is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay and other intra-oral problems from dulling your beautiful smile. We at Sierra Oaks... read more »

Help Your Child Build a Solid Foundation of Top-Notch Oral Hygiene Habits

Your child's smile is important to our Sierra Oaks Dental team in Sacramento, California. When you bring them in for a dental cleaning or dental treatment, we will review their oral hygiene practice and give you helpful information to help their teeth and gums thrive. Their daily oral hygiene habits have a big impact on their developing dental health so... read more »

Why You Should Tune Into Gum Disease Awareness Month This February

The purpose of Gum Disease Awareness Month in February is to raise awareness of what causes it and to encourage you to adhere to better oral health habits to keep it from developing in your smile. Sadly, periodontal disease affects 47.2% of adults over 30 in the U.S. and at an even higher rate (70.1%) for adults over 65 years!... read more »

Tooth-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for All the Loved Ones on Your List!

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers to hang over the mantle or packaged gifts to hide under the tree for loved ones, we have some fun ideas for you! Giving the gift of a healthy smile is a big deal because your smile can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Smiling even has health benefits; people who smile more are... read more »

Now Is the Time To Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before the Year Ends

November is finally here which means the holidays are in full swing and your dental insurance benefits are about to run out for the year! For most people, this happens on December 31st, so if you haven't already utilized your yearly benefits (which you’ve already paid for!) you will end up losing them as the clock resets for 2022. This means... read more »