We ask that all patients follow CDC guidelines to protect themselves and to support the collective effort to flatten the curve. It is up to each one of us to use our best judgement in these uncertain times and respect one another’s space and concerns.

We are requesting that patients wear a facial covering or mask to their appointments to enter the building until they get to their treatment room. We also politely request that only necessary parties visit our office for their appointments, and that non-essential guests do not accompany patients to their office visits.

If you are coming into the office for an emergency dental visit, then it is MANDATORY that you fill out our COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. If you are unable to fill out the questionnaire online, then we will be happy to administer the questionnaire over the phone.

Covid Screening Questionnaire

Consent to Participate in a Teledentistry System


Once a patient has passed the screening questionnaire, they will be able to come to our office for their scheduled appointment. Our team will then review the questionnaire and verify that all the answers were provided correctly to the best of the patient’s ability. At this point, a Sierra Oaks Dental team member will administer a temperature screening.

When the patient has passed both the screening questionnaire and temperature screening, the team member will bring them into the building and directly to their clinical chair for the appointment. Our team is routinely sanitizing surfaces for the health and safety of everyone in our facility.

From here, your scheduled emergency dental visit will proceed as usual with our clinical team using personal protective equipment (PPE).


We are empathetic to the current environment regarding health and safety. Please feel free to address any concerns you may have during your visit with any of our highly trained team members.

Once the initial assessment has been completed, a team member will come into the room to discuss any necessary treatment plans and financial arrangements. We have transitioned to providing the checkout process in the treatment room.

In this video we discuss what protocols we’ve put into place to screen all people entering the Sierra Oaks Dental facility. The COVID-19 screening questionnaire is available on our website on our COVID-19 Info web page.


You may have wondered what happens when a patient leaves a treatment room and we need to prepare for the next patient. This video will show you what our assistants do to every treatment room to ensure disease prevention protocol is followed exactly.

Follow along with our Health and Safety Lead, Jose R. as he sanitizes surfaces, replaces barriers, and changes gloves multiple times in the process. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Jose or Dr. Kim by calling our office at (916) 481-2000.


Dental tools undergo a strict process after each appointment to ensure they are properly sterilized. In this video we’ll walk through each step of the process to showcase the sterilization equipment we utilize at Sierra Oaks Dental. Our state of the art Midmark M11 sterilizers apply a precise amount of pressure and heat to ensure each tool is properly disinfected.

Procedural Steps:

  1. A clinician brings the cassettes of dental tools to the “soiled” area of the sterilization lab.
  2. All disposable waste is disposed of in proper containers.
  3. Cassettes are then moved to the basin filled with COEZYME to soak for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Each cassette is put into our instrument washer for 60 minutes using a special disinfecting agent.
  5. Cassettes are removed from the instrument washer, and put into sterilization pouches.
  6. Sterilization pouches are sealed, and each pouch contains markers to certify the internal temperature and pressure of the pouch reaches the designated degree to ensure a successful sterilization process. Included are test strips within the pouches as a secondary indicator.
  7. Pouches containing cassettes are then placed in the M11 autoclave for their normal cycle before being stored in their proper clean storage cabinet.

Main Materials & Machines Used:
Sterilization Pouches
Sterilization test strips
M11 Autoclave