Celebrate National Smile Power Day and Feel the Power of a Confident Smile!

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June 15th is National Smile Power Day, and at Sierra Oaks Dental in Sacramento, CA, we are here for it! Did you know that when you smile, this triggers your autonomic nervous system and releases endorphins into your blood? This in turn triggers your “happy hormone”! Smiling also reduces your blood pressure levels (thank the happy hormone for that) so it also has the power to relieve stress, help you relax, make smiling a pain reliever, boost your immune system, and done regularly, actually increases your odds of living longer. Who knew a simple smile was this powerful?

But in addition to benefiting you when you flash that smile, it also helps whoever sees it to feel that same happy hormone! Smiling can make whoever you smile at feel better too while boosting their own morale and even helping them feel more confident. And at least half of the folks you smile at will reward you with one back.

Did you know…

  • There are nearly 20 different kinds of smiles.
  • When it comes to learning facial expressions, a baby’s smile is one of the first ones they master!
  • Smiling is a trait that means the same thing anywhere you go in the world, so maybe that’s where the old adage came from, that when you smile, the world smiles with you!
  • Smiling people appear more confident and help you look younger.
  • While a woman typically smiles more than 60 times a day, men smile less than 10 times in the same period.
  • Almost 75 percent of people think that having a bad smile can negatively impact their career goals.

If these facts don’t make you want to burst into a smile more often, we don’t know what will! The best thing is, smiling is free! You can give the gift of a smile to anyone to brighten their mood and their day. It’s highly rewarding to smile at people you come across, boosting your body’s health and theirs. This Smile Power Day, make people smile by telling a good joke or two. If you’re not feeling the smile bug, write down some things you are grateful for and post sticky notes of those around your home or workspace to give your heart something to smile about.

While celebrating National Smile Power Day, spread the hashtag #NationalSmilePowerDay when communicating online, and give yourself the gift of a confident smile. Our dental team is here to help you reach that goal, whether it’s your routine dental cleanings, a teeth whitening treatment or a smile makeover, we are here to boost your smile confidence! Give us a call at (916) 481-2000 to learn more!