April 30th – National Adopt a Shelter

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April 30th is National Adopt a Shelter day, and we wanted to take this time to shout out the Sacramento County SPCA! We’ve been fortunate enough to work with them through SPCA events and have even sponsored pet adoptions through them. They’re dedicated team does an amazing job at protecting and caring for animals in Sacramento County. We’re continuously amazed at how caring and passionate they are about their work.

As of April 1st, their annual Doggy Dash 5k is postponed until June 27th, which may change as the COVID-19 situation develops. This event is an incredible opportunity to support our local SPCA program and get involved with Sacramento’s animal-loving community. For more details please visit the Sacramento County SPCA’s website directly at https://www.sspca.org/post/doggy-dash-2020.