April 1st – April Fool’s Day

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April Fools!
Don’t be a fool!

Is your oral healthcare provider incorporating your expectations and opinion into your level of care? Historically, health care providers have made diagnoses and designated a form of treatment with little to no explanation of comprehensive details and treatment options.

At Sierra Oaks Dental, we pride ourselves in having the patient participate in the diagnosis and treatment processes. Just take a look at our treatment philosophy.

The Treatment Philosophy of Sierra Oaks Dental Group is built on integrity. We strive to be the best choice among many to help our patients define and achieve what dental health means for them. We accomplish this through precise examination, thorough evaluation, full and informative sharing of findings, and an honest discussion of possibilities. We believe in empowering every person to make the decision about what is right and best in achieving whatever goals they have for their health. Our doctors and hygienists are honored to be part of that process for each and every patient we have the privilege of serving. We look forward to that opportunity with you.

With this model in place, we know that every one of our patients has their expectations and considerations heard so that the patient and healthcare provider can strategize accordingly. It’s important to us that our patients’ expectations are met, and that they get a say in the customization and level of care they receive.

If your current dental care provider is not treating you with this philosophy and model of inclusion then please call us at (916) 846-9828 to get scheduled and have your dental needs met.