5 Reasons To Whiten Your Teeth

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Five reasons to receive a teeth whitening treatment

5 Reasons To Whiten Your Teeth

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Have you thought of whitening your teeth, but just didn’t feel like it was right for you?  Did you get an image of your dream smile in your head? Well don’t let that image remain as a dream, it’s time to turn it into a reality!

There are many psychological benefits of having a brighter and straighter smile.  We’ve compiled 5 of them below for your consideration.


  • A whiter smile will boost your confidence
  • Stimulates social connection
  • More reasons to smile
  • Reinvest yourself in your oral hygiene
  • 100% of proceeds go to children in need (from 5/1/2020– 6/30/2020)


Boosting Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a key factor in our mental health and wellness. Feeling like we are well equipped with attractive features to make friends, get a job, or to find love can be a difference-maker in each scenario. Smiling is a natural form of showing joy, interest, and engagement.  When we lack confidence in our smile we tend to hide it as much as our awareness will allow. This can greatly affect our mood and mental health. There’s also mountains of data that points towards happier people being healthier.

Stimulates Social Connection

Having a whiter smile that allows you to smile freely will greatly stimulate social connection.  Smiling (and laughter) is known to be contagious in human nature. If you’re holding yourself back from smiling then you could be negatively affecting your personal life and relationships.  Missing out on these natural social interactions can impact your career as well. Everyone expects someone’s intelligence and competency to be the reigning factors in success, but more often than not it’s attitude and demeanor.  People with more positive outlooks on life are more likely to see positive retribution in their life because they are making the most of every opportunity. If you’re withholding your smile from the world and more importantly the people around you then you could be missing out on success.

More Reasons To Smile

Having a bright shiny smile will surely make you smile more often, but it also inspires people to smile around you.  As stated above, smiling is contagious, and people naturally want to reciprocate natural happiness. (It’s worth noting that disingenuous smiles or smirking smiles can have opposite effects on other people.)  Smiling is proven to make you look younger and more fit as well. It’s also been proven to make people appear more trustworthy.

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Reinvest In Your Oral Health

This reason is the favorite of our dentists and staff at Sierra Oaks Dental.  Once you have whitened your smile you’ll feel a new value in your smile.  This added value and appreciation will help to inspire you to keep up with your oral hygiene, which is a battle for everyone (even dental professionals).

Whiten Before June 30th, 2020, And 100% Of Proceeds Go To Children In Need

Returning after a widely successful fundraising program in 2019 as part of the Smiles For Life Charity and Crown Council organization, we’re happy to be participating in the Smiles For Life campaign this year.  For a reduced amount of $149 compared to the regular cost of $416, you can get yourself custom whitening trays and two syringes of whitening gel. The charity involves dental offices across the country providing free dental services, and dental product manufacturers providing free products, to ensure 100% of proceeds get to children in need.  This collaborative effort between dental practices and the manufacturers is all made possible by the Smiles For Life Charity and Crown Council.

This charity has a special place in our hearts.  Karlos, our Office Manager, participated in one of the outreach programs with Smiles For Life and provided dental care to people in the Dominican Republic.  Also, Dr. Kim provided dental care on a similar trip (not through Smiles For Life) while in dental school.

If you’d like to take advantage of the reduced pricing of custom whitening trays while helping children in need then please call us at (916) 481-2000.

5 Reasons To Whiten Your Teeth
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