4 Tips For Oral Health Spring Cleaning

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Four Tips For Oral Health Spring Cleaning

4 Tips For Oral Health Spring Cleaning

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Spring is almost here in Sacramento.  With the nice weather comes the urge to purge all the mess and clutter from our livelihoods, and we’re no exception at Sierra Oaks Dental.  Below you’ll find some healthy tips for spring cleaning with your oral health in mind.  

Refresh Your Home Health

Our bathrooms can become spring-break paradises for bacteria.  From the steam of hot water to the use of the toilet, it’s more than ideal for a bacterial paradise.

1. Get A New Brush

So let’s start with the facts!  The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.  The reason for this is because bacteria can grow quickly on your toothbrush when it’s left in your bathroom 24/7.  Another factor is that the toothbrush bristles can get worn and frayed becoming less effective in cleaning your teeth.  If your toothbrush still appears to have life left, and you’d like to use it past the suggested 3 to 4 months then it’s best to sterilize it.  Vinegar can be used to kill simple bacteria, but be aware. Vinegar is a safer alternative to more heavy-duty cleaning products but DOES NOT kill dangerous bacteria like staphylococcus.  The safest practice is to replace your toothbrush per the recommended timeline from the American Dental Association.

2. Clean Your Tooth Brush’s Home

The second step to refreshing your home health is to thoroughly clean where you keep your toothbrush.  When storing your toothbrush it is important to store it vertically with the bristles at the top. This position lets water naturally flow away from the bristles.

3. Changing Your Tooth Brush’s Address

Once you’ve cleaned the toothbrush and holder, you should consider the location of where you store your oral health tools.  Your toothbrush should always be stored in an open area, but it’s not that simple. You should also keep it away from your toilet and sink, because these are bacteria havens.  Essentially, you want an open space that doesn’t see regular humidity from the steam of a shower and that’s tucked away from a toilet or sink. We know this can be difficult if you’re accustomed to storing your toothbrush in the bathroom.  Also, toothbrushes should not be stored right next to each other. This can transfer bacteria from one person’s brush to another’s.

4. Keep The Other Oral Health Products Up To Par

When storing your floss, floss picks, whitening products, and other oral health and beauty products it’s important to stick to the guidelines above.  Whitening trays and mouth guards should follow the same protocols, except they can be brought into the office every 3 to 4 months for sterilization instead of being disposed of.  Floss and floss picks should be stored in a cabinet if they are in the bathroom to act as a barrier from bacteria that derives from using the toilet and flushing.

4 Tips For Oral Health Spring Cleaning
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Check out this video about proper brushing mechanics from the American Dental Association.

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